Book. Ride. Go!

Yes, it’s that simple. No more digging around your wallet for change when you arrive at your destination. Just thank your driver and go about your day.

Riding with Grab is easier and more seamless when you choose to go cashless with Dhaweeye.


Top-up with Dhaweeye Credits

Don’t want to save your card information on the Grab app? Top-up prepaid Dhaweeye Credits for your Grab rides.

Instantly share credits

Send and receive GrabPay Credits to friends and family instantly.

Credit / Debit card linking

Choose to link your favourite credit or debit cards for seamless payment. You’ll also enjoy your cards’ benefits and loyalty points while you spend on your Dhaweeye rides.

Shop with Points

Save up to 75% with no minimum purchase by using your GrabRewards points at any Dhaweeye merchants.

Why pay with Dhaweeye?

Go cashless in your city.

No cash needed. Just GrabPay Credits. Pay for everything from meals and coffees to a new outfit at your favourite stores using just your smartphone.

Why pay with Dhaweeye?

Where to enjoy Dhaweeye

Grab a coffee. Or a meal. Paying for it is easy with Dhaweeye at these merchants.


Get your favourite food delivered hot and fresh

Satisfy your cravings and pay for Dhaweeye delivery orders seamlessly using your credit/debit card or Dhaweeye Credits!

Why pay with Dhaweeye?



Dhaweeye accepts a variety of payment methods like Credit / Debit Cards, Dhaweeye Credits and even PayPal as indicated by your primary Dhaweeye payment method in the Dhaweeye app. Note that cash payments, Android Pay and Alipay are not accepted for GrabFood.

To update your Primary payment method:

  1. On your Dhaweeye app, tap on top left Account icon to bring up the side menu.
  2. Tap on GrabPay.
  3. Tap on top right Payment Methods icon.
  4. Tap on the payment method you’d like to set as your Primary method.
  5. Tap on the Set as primary toggle.
  6. Follow the “How to link Dhaweeye” steps above to re-link your GrabFood app.